The Times They Are a-Changin’

As you probably have already twigged by the yard sale post it’s all change in the ExpatDadSG household and this time it’s not a new arrival but a possible departure.

About a month ago the music stopped and there was no seat for me at work. This has been a game that we have been playing for quite a while and something that I think most folks will have been impacted by either directly or indirectly over the last couple of years.

We would like to stay in Singapore but the job hunting is not looking very hopeful, as so many IT roles are being moved offshore. By the way if you do need a PMO/project manager or would like to pay me to write then you can contact me at

The gardening leave has been fun though and it’s great spending time with my wife and kids. We have been trying to get round the sights one last time so been to the zoo and the bird park, showing the girls the tall water fall that we got married in front of……but there are still plenty of places to go and we won’t have time to get round them all.

I am also really looking forward to having a longish holiday, so we are going to head to Bali for June. Will be a lot cheaper than staying here and with the wonders of the internet and lost cost airlines will be able to job hunt and pop back for interviews.

There is —– Wow, I have been writing outside with the little one playing fishing. Just had a really cool break just making bubbles.  Aren’t bubbles just magical? Little sad now as we have run out of bubble liquid but you don’t have great interruptions like that at work.


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