Wednesday Digest

I’m just heading off on holiday and so will be offline for a week so here’s a little round-up.

Well after a blogging break there have been 20 posts and 7 re-blogs I’m the last 15 days. Wow that’s a burst of activity! It hasn’t really felt that busy I guess the re-blogging helps but also it’s mainly been done on the train. Writing does give a sense of freedom having unloaded or dumped all this information. I didn’t use to write any posts about blogging but being a details person was often thinking about it.
Anyway the holiday, off to Sea Gypsy again so I don’t think there will be a big writeup as I have blogged about it before. But the great thing is no phone coverage, no wi-fi well no internet at all and no TV (except for the kids whilst the adults have dinner). The only down side is I’ll miss the last round of the six nations and Exeter Chiefs in the LV Cup final. So anyone with telepathy out there please send me the results.
Finally the haze is back again so another reason to be glad we are fleeing the country. Must remember to buy those spades for digging in the sand.

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