Singapore cycling

Just a couple oh thoughts after cycling down to east coast park for a picnic yesterday. Now these may apply globally but I only cycle here.

My wife says that my in the ear headphones aren’t safe for walking as I can hear cars. So the guy yesterday on his x thousand dollar bike, with big Bose headphones covering his ears and playing on his phone was lucky to be alive. Also he wasn’t going that quick as I passed him! Perhaps I should have asked for a donation towards a new bell that I was wearing out pointlessly.
On the way home it was dark, at least half the cyclists didn’t have any lights! ECP has a lot of lampposts but still it’s not all lit. There was at least one occasion where I nearly took out another bike, which as we both has little ones in the back roils have been nasty.
Anyway little rant over hope you all had a good weekend.

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