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Last weekend when we were visiting the SAM we had lunch at my favourite café in Singapore. Being a dad I don’t get to sit in cafés reading at weekends anymore so this was a bit of a treat for me even if I still didn’t get to read.

It’s my favourite café for the atmosphere and what they are trying to do as well as the food. You can see a map below where they invite people to put in flags to advertise events that they are having. They really do believe in the community and promoting art. They have different mini installations, some that you can partake in such as having ping pong ball voting.


So to the food, I ordered the full works for me and the banana and walnut pancakes for the girls. As you can see below the full works has eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns (I’d call them crochets), salad, mushrooms and chicken sausage. Normally I’m not a fan of chicken sausage but these are well spiced and very tasty. All of it was very good and my daughters thought the same thing!

Whilst I had got the girls the pancakes they hardly touched them and ate my breakfast. Which was fine as it meant I got to eat the fine pancakes. They aren’t fans of mushrooms but I hardly got any of the crochets.


I also had a sweat apple cider which was $12, pushing the price up to $45 for the three of us.


Food for Thought
8 Queen Street

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    1. Same chain but different restaurant 🙂 funnily enough another blogger posted about the botanical gardens one yesterday and I’ll re-blog that

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