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Last week I read a blog asking the question “should kids be allowed in galleries?” because someone had let their 5 year old climb all over an expensive exhibit. As you probably have already guessed my answer was quick and easy “YES IT’S THE PARENTS’ FAULT!”

I had already been planning on taking the girls to a museum but had not been able to find one with a kids exhibition. This was just the reminder that I needed that there doesn’t have to be a kids exhibition they can like “adult” stuff too. I don’t mean naughty adult stuff just “serious” stuff.

So I took the girls to the SAM this Saturday, unfortunately all but 2 galleries are closed as they setup for a new exhibition. Perhaps I should have done some more research than “is there a kids exhibition on?” A real shame as it was nearly all fairly serious pictures with only a couple of statues that they didn’t really buy into. I liked the concept of the gallery that had all unnamed pieces and invited you to come up with names that I should have probably played with the girls. At 2 and 4 I thought they would have struggled with coming up with names for several pictures that were black blocks on a dark background, but you don’t know if you don’t try.

Anyway BLUEBALU has posted a nice blog where she explains why SAM is her favourite place in Singapore, so don’t be put off visiting just check out what’s on better than I did……

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  1. I’m always a bit suspicious of people saying a parent “let” their kid play on the equipment – not that a five year old should be climbing expensive artwork, but I’ve seen such wildly differing interpretations of child behaviour scenarios that I really don’t believe anything I hear any more. But yes, essentially they shouldn’t be banned but you do have to do your best to make sure they behave appropriately (I’d hate to have to pay for a broken exhibit!).

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