Monday Digest

I’m in the milestone zone! 200 likes has been passed!

At first this was really cool then I stopped and did some quick maths
50 odd followers and 200 likes and over 60 posts
Oh no that’s 4 likes each which means my followers dislike something like 90% of my posts! Oh dear I’m now curled up crying in the corner…
Not really, what I think it means is that I have a handful of folks who really follow me and comment which is great. You guys are worth 100s of “followers” who click on it to get you to read their blogs. Thank you for reading, commenting and liking it’s my favorite bit of blogging.

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  1. Not “liking” doesn’t equal disliking!!! It can also mean “I read your post on a bus and had to get off/lost the connection” or “my kids just interrupted me” or “I just got so engrossed in the post I didn’t think of pressing the little star (and then realise Iit when I go backto comment)”. Or is it just me who is always multitasking and therefore doesn’t always quite finish everything? !

    1. Thank you it was more of a comment that there are real followers (a handful) then the rest are following to try and get me to look at their blogs. Especially those ones about making money from blogs 🙂

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