Air-raid shelters in the sky

There are somethings in Singapore that don’t always immediately make sense, those of you that have read my Bars on windows post will know what I mean. One of those things is that the maids rooms in modern condos have no windows and metal doors. The official reason for this is that they are air-raid shelters.

Apparently since 1998 all new houses and flats to have had to have shelter built to certain specifications. The old maids rooms used to have windows and be a little larger.

If you have been to Singapore you will have noticed that most people live in flats not houses, so the vast majority of these are in high-rise buildings. This has to be counter intuitive, so the siren goes off and you hide in your air-raid shelter. Once the all clear comes you open the door 10 floors up to find that the rest of the building doesn’t exist anymore!

As a side note we probably should find out what that sounds like, just in case, but not sure what we would do as we don’t have an air-shelter in out old place. I think that the underground MRT stations double up as shelters, but ours is on stilts over the road so not protected at all!

Anyway I think we have clearly established that these really aren’t air-shelters but something else in disguise. So we have a light tight room with a metal door that’s hard to break down. My original thought was that these were possibly for werewolves to hide in during their time of the month as Singapore does lack woodlands for them to let off steam. But having seen many of these and no sign of the damage that a trapped werewolf would cause have discarded this idea.

That leads me to conclude that these rooms must be for vampires to hide in during the day. It kind of starts to make sense that Singapore with such long-term planning would have a high population of beings that live for ever. Singapore also has been heavily investing in biosciences and maybe they have invented their version of True Blood?

So the only question is when will they come out of the shelter and announce themselves to the world?

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  1. Funny to read about that as my kiwi husband has been very amused by all the bomb shelters we have in the basements. I wonder if it is not even a law here…? Well, we live in a house, so we’ll just hope they’ll aim for the bigger buildings…

        1. Well not with bombs but a couple of years ago there was an embarrassing situation. When the built a road tunel they included a shelter in there. They did a test but couldn’t close the doors 🙂

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