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About a month ago I took the kids to the air-force museum. I was expecting an old hanger with lots of planes so basically a big indoor air-conditioned place for the kids to run around in.

We took the bus there and it was easy, even if there isn’t an obvious crossing from the bus stop to the museum and was a little hot waiting for the bus back. So it is accessible for those of us without cars.

It really was not what I expected, there are a bunch of planes and helicopters on poles as you arrive which get you right into the mood. But it is a purpose-built building not an old aircraft hangar, I really should have known. How ever the old part is appropriate and if you compare it to something like the maritime museum there isn’t the same level of interactive stuff to keep the kids engaged.

The first area is an atrium with about 10 planes, helicopters and a couple of missiles to look at. Can’t remember what they were but I was amazed how small fighter jets are, the only planes I have been around for quite a few years are airliners. They have put on platform in so that you can have a look into the cockpit and see how much of a squeeze it must be.

The rest of the place is indoors and upstairs (there is a lift) and goes through the history of the airforce. Included is the fun fact that the original intake of pilots had to train in borrowed planes from a pilots enthusiasts/hobby club. There are plenty of uniforms and middle planes to look at and a piece on how they rescued people from the cable car to Sentosa when it broke. They do also cover off on the ground crew and controllers but the other piece that we found fun was the section on the air display team. This is the bit they dates the museum as it’s of the team from 5 years or so ago.

Over all good fun but won’t be heading back for a repeat visit, also there are no food options there and with it being in the middle of nowhere make sure you time it well with potentially hungry kids.

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