Wednesday Digest

I'm just heading off on holiday and so will be offline for a week so here's a little round-up. Well after a blogging break there have been 20 posts and 7 re-blogs I'm the last 15 days. Wow that's a burst of activity! It hasn't really felt that busy I guess the re-blogging helps but also... Continue Reading →

Playground @ Gardens by the Bay

Having read good things about the new childrens garden/playground at Gardens by the Bay I took the kids along last weekend. We did think twice about taking the swimming costumes due to the lack of rain and announcements asking malls to turnoff their water play areas but as you can see in the photo it's good that we... Continue Reading →

As you can see the water park at gardens by the bay is still fully operational. Good to see that water saving measures are fully in place....

Playtime @ Esplanade

I have a new co-favorite theater company, it's called Playtime and their home is Espanade theaters on the bay. A few weeks ago we took both our little ones to go see Hello Yasmin. Hello Yasmin was about a girl who goes to see her Grandpa and learns about growing plants. Very nicely done and a lesson in patience for the... Continue Reading →

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