Thursday Digest

Some thoughts on the return of the haze and blogging.

So the haze is back, not checked out the official PSI and all that but we can smell it. From memory it was May/June last year so seams earlier this year and I can see air quality being the hung that makes us leave Asia. We have also lived in HK and won’t go back to live with kids due to the air quality and crowdedness. The big cities in China are supposed to be worse. It’s something the growing economies need to get a handle on. Europe can’t preach I remember living in London that your snot was black and London needed to clean its act up many years ago. So it’s a common growing pain but let’s hope it gets sorted quickly.

Passed 4000 views last night, wow!
To be honest don’t think it’s that much for most bloggers but feels like a lot to me. Some of you might have noticed that there has been a break in posting. Well it may happen again but what’s definitely changing is my approach. It’s going to be much less structured and main written on the phone on trains from now on. So probably less useful details on restaurant reviews about prices for example and definitely less photos.
The original idea was to use this as a vehicle to become a journalist/writer doing reviews on places, holidays and restaurants. Who knows that might still happen but I’m not gong to be checking the balance between resultant reviews/things to do/digests/cultural stuff, what gets posted will just get posted. Let’s see how it goes.

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