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With Singapore being so small do we really need online shopping when there’s a supermarket just round the corner?

YES because cars are so bloody expensive and taxis are a hassle. We used to do delivery shopping at Giant. Unfortunately it’s only dry goods so no veg or frozen stuff.

RedMart is an online alternative but generally have the more expensive brands. Also last time we used them they switch one of our bags’ with someone else. Took a couple of days to sort out (even if they did say they were coming back that evening). At no point did any say sorry either.

So we were happy to see the Giant now do online shopping and will deliver fresh,chilled and frozen stuff. Had 1 delivery so far, came in a refrigerated truck so everything was still cold or frozen. So far so good and we’ll be using them again.

BTW for beer deliveries try six drunk men.

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    1. All of the above 🙂 seeing the number if craft beers increasing there are probably other importers with good ranges too
      From a cost perspective you have to order over $250 for free delivery which will be 3-4 cases depending what you order or deal you get as they sponsor lots of sport teams
      They are small so the service is personal

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