Friday Digest – 50 followers

Got more that 50 followers, wow thanks folks. When I started this thought that I had picked a niche aiming at expat dads. Let's be honest that hasn't really happened with probably more mummies following than dads. It's been/is fun and thank you to those that have commented/had a chat. Still don't get the stats... Continue Reading →

One of the few things in Singapore it's hard to get hold of is decent cards at a reasonable price. It has got better over the years but you pay through the nose for them (don't know where that phrase comes from). So check out Affordable Cards Singapore but make sure you leave plenty of... Continue Reading →

Online shopping

With Singapore being so small do we really need online shopping when there's a supermarket just round the corner? YES because cars are so bloody expensive and taxis are a hassle. We used to do delivery shopping at Giant. Unfortunately it's only dry goods so no veg or frozen stuff. RedMart is an online alternative... Continue Reading →

Please rain!

Really looking forward to it raining, the dust from this building site is coating everything in our house and garden. Also it can be like walking out to a mini haze some days, so bring back the rain we live in the tropics for crying out loud!

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

When you first get here everything is exciting and new. Slowly we get used to things, don't get me wrong seeing the Deepavali lights in serangoon road is still special. But Singapore becomes home and dare I say it normal. Then every now and again some thing happens and you think I'm a long way... Continue Reading →

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