Nakhon Kitchen – Revisited

This is the first time that I have written a second article about the same place and so it’s right that it’s about my favourite restaurant in Singapore

Going back is never lives up to the memory of the first time. Even so it still had everything that I enjoyed about the place the first time round, good food and being really local.

This time we didn’t get lucky with the queue and had to wait just over half an hour to get a table. I was surprised that they didn’t make couples share tables but allowed 2 people to sit on a table for 4. I thought places like this would make you share and we were happy to do so.

We had totally different things this time (well except for the beer), going for the fish cakes instead of the prawn ones and they were nicer.

We also had the mango salad, that and the fish cakes were a little on the hot side so I was a little concerned that the beef yellow curry was going to be too hot. It turned out to be milder than either of them but very tasty. We also enjoyed the sweat and sour sliced fish, whilst this was good it was due to the source as the fish could have been anything.


So another really nice meal and this time it cost $45 so $1 less than last time!

Click here for the original write-up.

Nakhon Kitchen
#01-166, 136 Bedok North Avenue 3
Tel – +65 6245 5548

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