Hawk Cafe

We were out this Saturday morning for our friends fund raiser, after having some photos taken and a little play in the park we wandered over to Eastwood for some lunch.

We had been told that there were a couple of new cafes at Eastwood and so expect anther post of 2 about this little area. For those of you that have not heard of it, it’s way out east between Tanah Merah MRT and the coast.

Hawk Cafe is where a DVD rental shop used to be and is only a small place with 6 or 7 tables. The food is quiet a mix with dim sum, fried breakfasts and a wonderful range of cakes all at very reasonable prices.

So the food

My wife and the girls went for eggs and sausages whilst I had eggs and bacon. As they are set meals they also came with a drink so a hot milo for my wife, a cold one for the girls and a kopi c for me.


Everything was freshly cooked and the eggs were good and fluffy. The picture is of a half portion as we split an order between the two girls. I didn’t get to try the sausages but the report was that they were good which let’s be honest in a local place is not the norm.


What is the norm though is streaky not back bacon, this time done just enough. Perhaps it could have had a couple of more seconds in the pan but it’s better than being crispy. they all came with with a proper bread roll not sweetened and a couple of slices of tomato and cucumber.

I did mention higher that there is a wonderful range of cakes in the menu. We didn’t get to try any as our youngest one was getting tired and we needed to get home. Next time I will and I will give you an update.

The arty shot
The arty shot

How much did it cost?

$15 all up, which I think is fantastic value.

Hawk Cafe
Eastwood Road

The address isn’t the best and I can’t find a website, so it’s just round the corner from Cold Storage, head left.


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