Bars on windows

Yesterday I asked about the security bars on windows of many homes in the low crime city-state of Singapore. My friend suggested that this was to keep the kids inside until they finished their homework. I’m not convinced, here is an alternate reality.

Warning this is a break from the norm for this blog.

As we learnt in World War Z someone needs to take the contrary view so you are prepared for the unexpected. But you still need to be careful about singing.

As it’s the older properties that you see the bars on, it’s clear someone 20-30 years ago predicted a zombie apocalypse. I understand that older is a relative concept and those of you back in the old country will think that’s brand new. What you have to take into account is that Singapore is rebuilt every couple of years and the current generation have become complacent, as the newer properties don’t sport such essential defences

Zombie Defence

Now that the warning signs are there perhaps a bit if preparation is required. Such as anti-zombie weapons and escape routes from Singapore.

I’m not sure that the Indiana Jones theme tune playing whip is going to be much use. Maybe we have to look further than just the fancy dress box. Whilst my first thought of hockey (field not ice) sticks isn’t a bad option. I think we have to use our Walking Dead education and go for the carving knife. You see it’s all about stabbing through the eyeball into the brain and this is the largest knife in our kitchen collection. So what do you have hanging round the house for your zombie weapon of choice?

Escaping the Island

Now escape routes, as let’s be honest, Singapore doesn’t have many options for setting up a hobby farm for food or ready supplies of fresh water. Living near the airport, that’s the obvious exit point, if we are quick enough. But that’s going to get closed early on, there’ll be lots of competition for seats and with 2 small kids we aren’t going to be quick enough. 

Tanah Merah ferry terminal might be a better option. The problem here is that there are so few boats there. So whilst the competition might be less, there’s also the real possibility that they’ll have all left by the time we get there.


So I’m thinking that the best option might be Changi Point ferry terminal and steal a bum boat. Clearly we aren’t going to get that far but but we don’t need to. Think about it Pulau Ubin or one of the other islands should be zombie free and everything for kampong living is already there. Also with minimal sailing experience even if we did get an ocean-going yacht we aren’t going to get very far without sinking. If anyone knows how to hot wire a bum boat please post below as it might come in useful…. 

Now we have our exit point we just have to get there. There appears to be a consensus that noise attracts zombies as we have seen in both Walking Dead and World War Z. So maybe stealth is going to be the order of the day especially as we don’t own a car and we have to assume that public transport has ceased to work. So bikes (with the bells removed) have to be the top option. This also allows for the use of park connectors and other paths that are hopefully less zombie populated.

So there you go that’s why you see so many houses with bars on the windows in such a low crime city as Singapore. Also some ideas on the obviously sensible precautions that you need to make.

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  1. 😀

    I can’t tell you how to hot wire a bum boat, but I’m sure we can google it. Beforehand. Obviously. There won’t be internet once the zombie apocalypse begins. Just as well I’ve already researched camping options on Pulau Ubin.

    Oh! And you know who you need on your team when the zombies come? A vet. They can deliver basic medical care to humans as well as to your food/protection animals, can also improve productivity in your food animals, are trained in epidemiology so can help you stay ahead of the next zombie outbreak, and they’re very good at avoiding bite wounds.

    1. Basic care? I have seen the vet in Walking Dead treat a boy with a gunshot wound, care for a pregnant woman and I think amputate his own leg (maybe he was only giving directions for the last one)
      Anyway you live on the other side of the island there’s no way we can wait long enough for you guys to get to us. Now my other vet friend who has a car…..

      1. Yeah, you should see us when we get into the specialty stuff.

        I thought once I’d googled how to hot wire a bum boat, hot wiring an abandoned taxi wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Then again, there are closer islands from our direction, and some of them have famous temples on them, which sounds reassuring…

  2. Haha! This is funny for how to escape the island! Maybe I can answer why the bars on windows. Most of us stay in high rise apartments, the bars are really to prevent falls by young children. As for those along the corridors, they are really to prevent crime especially when the windows are opened for ventilation. As it is easy to climb in from corridor, these bars are essential to protecting property.

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