Thursday Digest – Christmas

 A few thoughts on decorating for christmas.

A couple of weekends ago now we put up the Christmas tree. I know some of you will be thinking that this was a little early. It was after Deepavali so in Singapore terms that’s the start of Christmas just as Boxing Day will be the start if Chinese New Year in the super markets.

Also we are going away for Christmas, so if we left it later then we wouldn’t have chance to enjoy it. I remember putting the tree up as a kid but it wasn’t a big deal as Christmas was all about skiing for me.

Clearly it was a big deal for my wife. So it turned into a family event. We each had our tasks and obviously one of mine was building the tree (yes we have a fake/artificial one). Then the kids took over and mum and dads’ role was basically looking after the breakable decorations.

Mum and dad had to takeover for the non-tree decorations such as tinsel intertwined with the window bars. Why in such a crime free country do so make jones have window bars?

Anyway back on topic,the kids had a great time and loved putting the window stickers on. My favorite but was stealing some tinsel to put in the girls beds. So far it hasn’t been pulled to pieces make a big mess but there’s time.

So I think this is going to become a family tradition of decorating the house together. Also a good reminder that it is sometimes the little things that are the most fullfilling.

I’ll add some photos when I’m back at the big computer.

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