Friday Digest – Passing it forwards

Some thoughts on passing it forwards and a Movember update.

Passing it forwards

When you have kids for the first time it is overwhelming the amount of new stuff that you have to learn about and get. But new dads you don’t have to rush out there and get everything. For two reasons, first up you don’t need it all. That special thing for removing babies bogies, you don’t need it, I like gadgets like the next man but that was one I could do without.


Secondly is the passing it forwards, you will get to know other folks who have older kids and they will give you stuff. We are just in the process of moving our little one from her cot into a big girls bed! The cot has already been given away to some friends who are expecting. We have been very lucky especially on the clothes side of things, as you can see from the two photos. We have been given or loaned masses of clothes and have only had to buy very few.


You might be thinking that these clothes can’t last for ever! You’re right we don’t hand on all the clothes as some do get worn out. The losses though are mainly replaced by gifts from family at christmas and birthdays.

I was amazed and am very grateful to those folks who have handed stuff down to us. Before you are a parent you don’t realise that this passing it forwards is going on but it is really a massive help and it’s great to be able to continue it.

There are some big-ticket items that we will be selling on, but everything that we have been given we will give on.

The only catch here is be careful about what you have been given as opposed to loaned! Luckily we haven’t made this mistake yet, but I can see it being very embarrassing to have handed on something then be asked to give it back when they needed it again!


We are into the home stretch now and it’s grown quite well I think. Definitely caused a few comments around the office. BTW If anyone knows a cancer doctor who would be interested in doing an interview I’d be interested in writing a post to raise awareness. I can be emailed at



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  1. I am grateful to those who passed down their baby stuff to me too! It saves money and less waste for the earth, though less revenue for retail, but who cares! Especially on toys, they take up space and I am always glad friends would want ours to pass down to.

  2. You’re quite hairy!

    Passing the baby stuff down is such a good idea. A lot of it doesn’t get used that much and it’s a waste to buy things new when there’s good stuff lying around.

    Don’t personally know any cancer doctors you could interview. Hopefully something will come up?

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