Myra’s Beach Club

Our first trip to east coast park on our new bikes was to Myra’s beach club. The menu is an unusual combination of Mexican and north Indian cuisine.

Myra’s like Mana Mana is a casual place to eat in east coast park and both of them are attached (at least physically) to water sports centres. As Myra’s is all open there are good views out to sea, yes it’s full of ships but I still like it.

The view
The view

The Restaurant

When we turned up they had a party booking taking up half the restaurant, even so we only had to wait about half an hour for a table. This just meant that we took the kids down to the beach for a dig and paddle, next time we will probably phone as we leave to book a table.

The restaurant really does not feel like Singapore, it is much more like a beach bar/restaurant in Thailand or the Philippines. What I mean by that is it has a rustic feel and that it has grown over time. It does also mean I won’t lean too hard on some of the railings.

There is a table with a couple of things for the kids to play with but you’re better off bringing a couple of things your self. Unfortunately it’s not right on the beach but the other side of the walking and cycle paths. This means you can’t see far enough to let the kids go digging in the sand on their own.

The Food

Whilst it says that it’s Mexican and north Indian food, they also have western food on the menu and nearly all the kids food is western. My elder daughters favourite is always fish and chips so this was a quick order. Two good pieces of fish and cringe chips was big enough for our two little ones to share.

Kids fish and chips after it had been shared
Kids fish and chips after it had been shared

My wife also went for an old favourite, guacamole veg. This is down as a starter on the menu but is big enough for a main. You get a generous bowl of nacho chips, pan fired veggies and a big pile of guacamole that is good and spicy.


I have tried something from the mexican menu before (burrito from memory) and was disappointed. So this time went straight to the north Indian section and ordered butter chicken and plain naan. Not surprisingly as the chef is Indian this was much better, not too spicy and very creamy.

Butter Chicken and Plain Naan
Butter Chicken and Plain Naan

The Cost

For two adults and two kids with a fresh lime juice and pint of tiger came to $71.05. We like the place and will be going again, just not that often. For a casual place, and considering that the kids shared and my wife had a starter it’s not cheap.

Myra’s Beach Club
1390 East Coast Park
Singapore 468961
Tel: +65 6443 3005


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  1. We sometimes eat there after SUP (it’s at the water sports centre attached). But you’re right – it gets a bit pricey to do it every time. With the bikes it’s easy to ride down to the hawker centre (when it opens again).

    Just don’t tell our kids about the fish and chips! We’ve been keeping it from them in an effort to diversify their palates 😉 . We usually get a quesadilla (also big enough to share – we buy the adult version and make them pick out the jalapeños).

    1. I think that we had the kids quesadillas last time which they liked.

      I can’t wait for the hawker to pen again to open again, might have to do s series of posts going round each stall….hope there are no pigs organ ones….

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