Saturday Digest – A busy weekend out

Yup this one is a day later than usual, unfortunately I have not been able to find the time to blog much this week. Here are some musings about a busy weekend and stuff coming up.

Last weekend was busy, I have already posted about Fun at Giggles and there are upcoming posts about the japanese restaurant Nirai-Kanai and Myra’s Beach Club, but we also got up to much more.

Ten pin bowling

A friend had a 4 year olds birthday party at a bowling alley. I’ll be honest I thought that this wasn’t going to work. But even my 2 year old had a good time. She wasn’t always interested in pushing down the second ball and by about the 8th frame was more interested in the toys brought along. The older one was interested until the end and was a little disappointed when it was over. We went to Kallang Bowl which is easy to get to on the MRT and has a covered walkway, so good on rainy days.

We had lunch at PastaMania which was so so, as you would expect from a chain, so my recommendation is to try somewhere else in that mall.

Singapore Writers Festival

Over the last couple of weekends I attend a few panel discussions at the SWF. In the end most of it was not relevant to my blogging but still interesting. The one area that was relevant was the food writing so hopefully you’ll notice an improvement in that area.

Ice Art 2013-2014

This has to be the most surreal event coming up, Ice Art in a country that’s normally 32 degrees? Well apparently from the 20th of November to 15th of May there is an exhibition of ice sculptures is going to be displayed at Sheares Link, Bay Front Ave. At $32 for an Adult and $26 for kids, it would set us back over a ton if we were to go. So don’t hold your breath for a write up on this one. For more info click here.

For more things that are on here is a good blog.


Why is it that Singapore cakes looks so good and taste of so little?


I’m lucky as my wife enjoys baking and just to showoff here are a couple of her recent creations that blew me away.



Movember is going well if you want to donate click here.


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