Friday Digest – A quiet weekend at home

Last weekend we had a quiet weekend at home so thought I’d talk about stuff to do at home and some catchups on the bike situation and Movember

Fun outside things

Having sick little ones at home can become really claustrophobic for them. So even just getting out onto the drive or into the garden can help. One of the best presents we have been given is big floor chalk. The kids love getting them out and drawing all over the floor outside. Suddenly there can be a race track or hopscotch or a garden of flowers or a massive scribble.

Chalk drawing
Chalk drawing

Bubbles are always good but what I hadn’t got working before were the large bubbles. The trick it seems is liberal usage of the bubble liquid (whatever it’s really called). Previously I think I have not put enough into the tray before dipping in the ring. Friends of our have one that is much more transportable, it seems to be slightly sprung, so that it opens after being dipped into a tube full of the bubble liquid.

Big bubble
Big bubble


We have the bikes and they are all setup ready to go to East Coast Park. We just need to get well enough to use them now! Managed to find an average town bike for SGD 500 (incl. child seat) rather than the SGD 1,000 we were looking at.

Bike at the shops
Bike at the shops

I have used my a couple of times to go and get takeaway or collect a couple of things from the shops. It’s also amazing the things you spot when you have to look down side roads to make sure you don’t’ get run over. Photo below is of a Buddhist temple near us that I didn’t know existed.

Bhuddist Temple
Buddhist Temple


Well today is day one so not much to see so far, but check out either my mobro page or Expat Dad SG page on Facebook for daily photos.

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