Friday Digest – Passing it forwards

Some thoughts on passing it forwards and a Movember update. Passing it forwards When you have kids for the first time it is overwhelming the amount of new stuff that you have to learn about and get. But new dads you don't have to rush out there and get everything. For two reasons, first up... Continue Reading →


A Japanese friend recommended Nirai-Kanai in response to a request on Facebook. When ever someone recommends a restaurant from their native land  it has to be checked out. The Location Liang Court has never been a mall that I have paid any attention to. Next to Clark Quay, the only reason I have even been... Continue Reading →

Movember – Interview with a psychologist

Movember is about raising funds and awareness of mens health and towards that end below is my interview with Moses Chew Li Huei about mens metal health and depression. This is the fourth time I have done Movember all the other times I ahem raised money but not really awareness. This time I have the chance... Continue Reading →

Saturday Digest – A busy weekend out

Yup this one is a day later than usual, unfortunately I have not been able to find the time to blog much this week. Here are some musings about a busy weekend and stuff coming up. Last weekend was busy, I have already posted about Fun at Giggles and there are upcoming posts about the japanese restaurant Nirai-Kanai... Continue Reading →

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