One Bistro Wine Bar

The other weekend we headed out to one of our local restaurants that we go to every now and then. Only to find out, once we were inside, that it had changed name and ownership.

How did you not notice until you got inside?

Whilst the ownership and menu has changed the decor is still exactly the same, so we can be forgiven for not noticing straight away. But before we go into the restaurant the strip along Jalan Pari Burong has really started to upgrade. There were always a couple of nice restaurants but now there is a desert cafe, a good interiors shop with everything small ornaments to furniture and even a shop that just sells pushchairs. Clearly it’s going up market and soon there’ll be a Starbucks!

As I said before the restaurant looks exactly the same as it used to except for the name change from MissUCafe to One Bistro Wine Bar. It still has the trellising on the ceiling with the grape vines (plastic) aiming for a Mediterranean outdoor feel. With floor to ceiling wine racks it really is a european setting.

So what about the food?

They have sensibly cut back on the menu as before it just had too much choice and seemed to list everything that the chef had ever cooked. The menu does still have some of our old favourites which is good you just don’t have to take half an hour anymore to go through it all.

So we got an old favourite,  the sausage medley for the girls. There are 4 sausages, all different flavours and all yummy especially with the mustard. My favourite was the cheese one that literally had cheese oozing out of it.

Sausage medley
Sausage medley

In an attempt to balance things out my wife went for the chicken salad. The chicken was nicely seasoned and there was enough to share with the girls.

Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad

I had the seafood pasta, where you can choose the type of pasta and source. I went for fusilli and a white wine source. I ended up losing a lot of my dinner as the kids loved it.

For dessert we got the kids waffles and ice cream, unfortunately they are no longer freshly cooked but out of a packet and microwaved. But the mango sorbet was great, New Zealand Pure.

Waffle and mango sorbet
Waffle and mango sorbet

So how much did it cost?

Including a couple of glasses of house wine it came to $97.25. All in all a bit pricy for the location and what you get, but the food is good and we will be back.


One Bistro Wine Bar
14 Jalan Pari Burong
Singapore 488680
Tel – +65 6243 6266
Web –


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