Friday Digest – getting around Singapore

Feeling all local sat here with my ice milo and kaya toast. With cars being so expensive getting round Singapore can be a real chore.


Well you can go local and hold the kids or have them crawling around the car. But some of us would like our kids to grow up, sorry yes I’m being judgmental.

For expectant dads the first year is easy, well later you’ll realise it was easy. Get a maxi cosie and choose from the plethora of push chairs it will click in to. But once they grow out of that it all gets difficult either you only take public transport, buy a car to put the car seat in or got for some sort of contraption where you tie the car seat onto a pushchair. The last option clearly is a hassle but also you get accidents like dumping your kid head first into the road coming down a ramp from a shophouse, ops…

Once our eldest was old enough we got a Ridesafer travel vest shipped from the states, hint use vpost if the shipping is as much as the item! Luckily we haven’t been in a serious accident to test it out but it’s definitely more usable than a car seat.

We are now onto a BoostApak which is a boostaseat and back pack. It’s still new for us but so far it’s working well and means she can see out of the windows of the taxi.

If you have any safety solutions please let me know, the little one is still not big enough for the Ridesafer.


We are getting towards a year late with our x-mass presents to each other. We did have a look at buying bikes but once we added all the extras such as kids seats, lights, baskets, etc… they came to about a grand each. Well apparently we were doing it on the cheap! We have come across these extended bikes that can take a couple of kids. You can buy them here but they appear to be about $900 less in the USA and surely it won’t cost that for shipping.

Anyway it looks like we are going to take the plunge and buy the bikes so that we can get to east coast park easily. I’ll let you know how it goes but again if you have any hints on buying bikes or good places to go then comment below.

Busses and MRT

Not really much to say, they are clean, cheap and run on time (mostly). Just don’t expect people to let you off, but people standing up to let little ones have a seat, happens most of the time.


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  1. Copenhagen would be the heaven for you with more options than you can dream of in bikes! We had already semigood bikes and then bought a trailor second hand last spring, which has proven to be well worth the investment. So how about a trailor that fits two? And any market for second hand (we got ours from an old colleague)?

    1. Singapore doesn’t really have a second hand market. Culturally locals like new things on the whole.

      We gave thought about a trailer but they don’t fit through bollards well and aren’t cheap. But we may go down that route after seeing how 2 bike seats go.

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