Mana Mana Beach Restaurant and Bar

We bumped into Mana Mana as we were going for a walk along east coast park aiming for the food court (that I later found out is under construction).

We knew that there had been a water sports centre and restaurant/bar here before but thought that it had closed down. Looks like it just changed management. We had stayed several times at the old Mana Mana on Bintan so have happy memories of its name. As you tell from the old the Bintan one has since changed management as well.

So what is the place like?

As the name suggests it’s not your normal restaurant. It’s the restaurant and bar for the sea sports centre and so open and right on the beach. Being setup to accommodate wet folks straight out of the boats or off windsurfers means it has a very relaxed setting.

I love the view out across the sea seeing all those boats out there waiting to drop-off or pickup the worlds goods. As we were there in the evening all the lights looked like another city out there.

Cool place what about the food?

The menu has a mix of western, pasta, pizza and local mains. Both my wife and my eyes immediately fell on the Peking duck Thai curry. Obviously we couldn’t both have the same thing so my wife chose the seafood udon.

The Peking duck Thai curry was a wonderful balance with the sweetness of the pineapple and grapes cutting through the sourness of the source. The spiciness was just right, any hotter and I would not have been able to eat it. My wife thought that it was over salted but I liked it.

Peking Duck Thai Curry
Peking Duck Thai Curry

The seafood udon was also spicy and right on the limit/mark. The squid was perfectly cooked which can be so easy to over cook and have it go rubbery. All the rest of the seafood was also well cooked and tasted good.

Seafood udon
Seafood udon

And the cost?

With a couple of beers and a wine it came to $66.80 with the 10% UOB credit card discount, which I think is good value.

They also do a $27++ Sunday brunch buffet, which once we have our bikes we will be heading down to try.

Yes you will
Yes you will

Mana Mana Beach Restaurant & Bar
1212 East Coast Parkway
Area E Car Park E2 Singapore 449886
Tel – +65 6339 8878
Web –


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  1. You’re getting bikes? Let us know – we’ve been waffling about biking East Coast Park for a while now (though we will probably hire).

    Also, the food centre under construction – is that the Laguna Hawker Centre or the other one? (I ask because we’ve just arranged to meet someone at the Laguna Hawker Centre on Sunday.)

    1. Yup we are but then got to get the kids seats put in etc… So a couple of weekends away

      The east coast food village next to the cable ski. Is there another one?

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