It’s great having a helper

They're all gone!
They’re all gone!

My lovely wife had our helper queue up to get me some Krispy Kreme original  glazed, the best doughnuts in the world!


PS I did have to pay for them they were not free!

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  1. Did you know they even have a Krispy Kreme in Bangalore these days? Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer my donuts hot with cinnamon.

    1. What? I can understand sugary with jam in the middle being called old-fashioned but hot with cinnamon? When was that ever traditional?

      They only opened here in Singapore at the weekend. The first person to get doughnuts was queueing since something like 11am the previous day!

      I used to bring them back from HK when I went on trips over there, but they have closed down in HK since.

      1. You obviously know more about Krispy Kreme than I do. However, you haven’t eaten a real donut until you’ve had one fresh out of the fryer and dusted all over with sugary cinnamon.

        They do sell cinnamon donuts at giant these days (Australian soft power) but they’re not fresh out of the fryer so it’s not the same. You can grill them in a sandwich maker or on a griddle pan til they get nice brown stripes across them and they go well with coffee, though.

      2. I thought jam in middle was English style, hole in middle America, for some reason the American style is the commonly available one in Australia or at least Brisbane.

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