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We are always on the look out for family friendly restaurants and the Indian Curry House was mentioned to us as such a place with its play corner.

The Indian Curry House in Siglap was recommended to us by one of our friends that lives round the corner from the restaurant. That works great for us as Siglap is an easy bus trip.

We turned up just as they were opening at 6pm on a Sunday. There were no problems getting a table, actually we had the place to ourselves.

Kids corner

They have a couple of kids height tables with a bunch of wooden toys. They are mainly stacking rigs and abacus style which were great for our little ones. In fact they were sad to leave it at the end of the evening, but I can see older kids not being interested.

Kids corner
Kids corner


The popadoms were shaped into cones, not only tasting good but the shape was also enjoyed by the kids.


We ordered a Bharwan Baigan Ke Kabab or stuffed aubergine, this was tasty and enjoyed by all the family. Under recommendation for kids we chose chicken Kashmiri which to the adults was lovely and sweet but the little ones found too spicy. My friend has blogged about how they introduced her kids to Indian food, perhaps we should have taken some notes.

Bharwan Baigan Ke Kabab
Bharwan Baigan Ke Kabab

For the adults we got Kashmiri Rogan Josh which had a good tangy taste to it. The one thing that all kids (and adults) seem to love is the naan bread and so we deliberately went overboard getting the naan basket. With 4 different naan breads it didn’t disappoint.


We ended up having too much food and I took a doggie bag for my lunch the next day, so clearly the portions are good too.


The only thing that really let the place down was the atmosphere. As mentioned above when we arrived we had the place to ourselves and we did for the entire meal. In some ways this is good as basically the kids can do what they like, but it does mean that there is no atmosphere.

The mains
The mains

The staff were lovely and said things like no problem when my nearly 2 year old decided to empty rice onto the floor. But clearly this is mainly a delivery restaurant with many meals disappearing out the door whilst we were there.


For the 4 of us the bill came to $85.36 including a beer for me and a mango lassi for my wife so very reasonable.

Overall I would say, get the delivery as it really is lacking atmosphere. But if your are looking at training your kids on how to eat out and are worried about other dinners, then maybe this is a good trial restaurant?

East Coast Crescendo Building
27 Upper East Coast Road
Tel – +65 6442 0910
Web –

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  1. Naan bread – always a winner. Let you know how we go with the rest during the ultimate test – the trip to India. Might have been a good one to try before we left with the kids’ corner, but too late now (we can always push on with the food when we get back).

    Do you think it gets busier for dining later on in the evening?

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