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Eat Play Love is a craft cafe near Arab street serving Thai and Western food. Intrigued? We were and popped down there at the weekend with the little ones.

Where is it?

Getting there’s fairly easy, jump on the green line and get off at either Lavender or Bugis. Yup you have spotted it, there is a bit of a walk as it is equidistant to either MRT.

I taxi so what about the place?

When we went there was a birthday party was using half the restaurant. Even though we were there as they opened at noon we got the last table, so book.

Your bag of goodies
Your bag of goodies

The craft table is great (there are 2 with the other one being used by the birthday party).  When You book in and get a badge they give you little bag of goodies. Also there’s a good range of things to get off the shelves such as ribbon, felt, colored pasta and look at the pictures.  We made pasta necklaces and bracelets, felt watch and collages on paper.  There was some shrinking plastic thing but I couldn’t figure it out.

Pens, glue, scissors, etc... on the table
Pens, glue, scissors, etc… on the table
Shelves of craft stuff

They have the whole place setup very nicely even with fun little stools for the kids.


You did mention food right?

Yup the kids menu is good real food not just something and chips (but there is 1 option). So for the kids we got macaroni cheese and baked rice. For the adults there is Thai and western, my wife went for a mango salad and I had pulled chicken sandwich.

Pulled chicken sandwich
Pulled chicken sandwich

The biggest disappointment was the childrens baked rice coming out in the bowl it’s been baked in and so very hot. The waitress did say it was hot but even so a kids meal should not come out in something that can cause a burn.

Mango Salad
Mango Salad

My pulled chicken sandwich had a good tangy bbq sauce but my wife said that whilst her salad was refreshingly light, it lacked any spiciness that you would expect from a Thai salad. The girls liked their macaroni cheese and whilst the baked rice tasted ok they weren’t as enamoured.

Macaroni cheese
Macaroni cheese

So you wouldn’t recommend the place?

As a pure cafe, no. My latte also came in a small glass and was at least a third foam. But our girls had a wonderful time and as an arts and crafts place it is great. One of those places that gets so much right and could be truly great but has just got one bit not quiet right. The food is not bad just OK.

Baked rice
Baked rice

We will be going back with some of our friends definitely but we might be looking to eat at the place next door (don’t know what it’s like but looked cool and it’s all out of date on google street view and can’t remember the name).


How much did it cost?

Oh yes, it was very reasonable costing $58 for the 4 of us, including the 2 kids having an hour at the craft table.

Eat Play Love Cafe
28 Aliwal Street
Tel – 6444 6400
Web –


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  1. I love the concept! I’ve never heard of combining crafts and cafe, it is brilliant so it is a shame they haven’t gone all the way with the food.

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