Friday Digest – A Singapore Household

This week I touch on the less obvious things about living in a house in Singapore.


We have just got a new live in maid after a year long break.  There are the obvious things like making sure you have the maids’ room kitted out.  What you forget is that you need an extra 20% clothes storage space as suddenly the washing pile is always empty.

Also a couple of training courses you might want to send your new maid on:

First Aid for Helpers by Mother and child so if the unthinkable were to happen you know that she knows what to do.

Cooking classes for helpers by Expat Kitchen, there are all sorts for levels for example our new helper is going on the basic cooking course.  As much as she said she can cook western food, 45 mins is not how long pasta takes, even I (Mr Burnt BBQ Food) know that.

Finally you might find this article in Expat Living useful, Finding a helper in Singapore: 10 interview questions to ask.


We live in a small house and so have a garden!  First up this means going out and buying a strimmer but also getting a BBQ.  If you’re a brit and haven’t bothered with this before, because it rains too much back home, then my main tips are:

  1. go gas not charcoal, here in Singapore they will replace an empty bottle within half an hour 24*7
  2. make sure the heating tray lifts with the lid, this is so you can get to the back of your grill without burning your hand.


Not sure what I want to say about geckos but they are an unavoidable fact of living in Singapore.  Personally I like them and the idea that they might get the mosquitos before they bite me or the family.  Not a 100% success rate but now we have the maid at least I don’t have to clean up the gecko poo.

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  1. Are you referring to lizards? They are indeed everywhere in Singapore. I am scared of them though I know they are mosquito eaters. With your new helper, I am sure you have a much easier life at home 🙂

  2. You mean you usually keep your washing 80% up to date, all by yourself?? When put in charge of the laundry, I usually try to institute a 100% no-store laundry procedure.

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