at some point in this journey we call life there will come along an event that is distend to define you

Think he means destined but who knows with this east end gaffer.  White collar boxing has been getting more and more popular over the last few years.  When I started looking into this I didn’t realise that this event has been running since 2008 and really has become one of the big black tie expat events like the BirtCham and AusCham Balls except it happens twice a year!

Taking a bunch of desk jockeys and putting them into the ring is no small undertaking.  The organisers have teamed up with Vanda boxing club who provide top-notch training and make sure the combatants put in 3 months dedicated preparation.  This kind of journey comes with its ups and downs, below is my interview with the WHITE COLLAR GAFFA.

So what exercise did you do going into this?

None, bit of managing a football team and watching folk run around but nothing myself.  It’s actually the first time back in the gym after 15 years.

What was your greatest fear entering this?

Looking a BEEP because I can’t keep up [Ed: Yup east end barrow boy]

When did you get into your last fight?  Singapore isn’t like the UK where it’s a Friday night after the pub closes pastime

When you’re as big as me you don’t fight, just look mean.

When did you get to throw/receive your first punch?

I threw my first punch during my 3rd Vanda lesson.  Vanda make sure that you fully understand the technicalities of a punch and how to throw them successfully.  At no point are you allowed near anybody or anything it’s all shadow boxing to start with.  However during lesson seven we were being taught how to throw jabs and get your guard up but didn’t quite get there in time….*BANG*

So you haven’t actually sparred yet?

No so the punches I have thrown so far are shadow boxing and on bags.  Vanda are very safety conscious.

Have there been any injuries so far and did that first punch hurt?

Well there have been no punches yet and so far no injuries but I’m constantly sore.  Vanda and my personal trainer are making sure I’m not over training or stretching myself too far.

What have been your highs and lows of the journey so far?

The highs have been learning how to box and learning all about fitness and looking after my body [Ed: it’s really a temple].  Lows…..this is mainly the mental side, you don’t realise how much of a mental strain it can be training 5-6 days a week and constantly watching what you are eating and drinking.  I’m having to drink 3 liters of water a day minimum and it’s all about the protean, steak fish chicken steak fish chicken steak fish chicken.

How is your raising money for charity going?

Support has been great, the office are running a biggest loser competition and I have raised about a grand so far on the first giving page.

Apart from obviously surviving the fight and having a Stella afterwards what are your goals for this journey?

It’s really a life changing event for me, you don’t get many of these opportunities to really make a difference to how you live your life.

So are you going to continue boxing afterwards?

I’d like to think so, at the moment it’s really becoming a way of life.  If the fight goes as planned I might consider doing some more.

Finally what’s your prediction for the fight? Can you get that first round knockdown?

It’s almost impossible to get a knockout in amateur boxing especially when you are wearing 16 ounce gloves.  However of all the fights I have seen it is possible to get 6-8 count knockdowns, which basically means the ref is pausing the fight for some reason.

I have a rough indication of who I will be fighting on the night, he is the only other real heavy weight for this event.  I need to be quicker than him to win and that’s my focus.

Follow the rest of the journey at the WHITE COLLAR GAFFER blog or Facebook page.

Whilst these events pull together a bunch of privileged expats drinking free flow booze and watching other privileged expats beat each other up, it does a lot of good raising money for the Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC) in Cambodia.  So get your tickets and help this great cause whist having a great night out.


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