La Villa

La Villa doesn’t immediately spring to mind as venue for a Sunday free flow brunch. But this is a hidden gem especially for families. We have been there a couple of times over the years and the menu has changed, so if you have not been for a while it’s worth checking out again.

So whats the deal here?

The current menu is a buffet breakfast and starters, choice of 1 main course with buffet deserts and cheese to finish (that’s if you’re following the normal flow). There are also mini burgers that the kids particularly enjoyed.

OK so what’s the food like?

My approach is to think of these events as a whole day thing rather than just a meal. Start off with a mini breakfast of eggs and sausages, before moving onto more refined fare such as the seafood and cold cuts. Personally I give the salads a miss but they looked fine if you’re into that sort of thing. For me though the best part was the choice of main, between my wife and I we tried the sirloin steak and pan-seared dory both of which were fabulous (this is where you want to be ordering the red or white wines rather than Prosecco). For the kids we ordered pizzas which they happy scoffed down but there are also pasta or eggs Benedict if you want. The desert selection got everybody up at least a couple of times and also changed as various plates were replaced. Finally there was a fine range of cheese which with Singapore prices would could cover the cost of the meal in themselves.

Come on, what about the booze?

Being an Italian restaurant it’s free flow Prosecco, which I’m rather partial to the odd glass or two of. As it the norm nowadays there is also the choice of wine, draught beer (normally forgotten about in the moment) as well as juices, tea and coffee.

That’s all well and good but why is this one for the kids?

They setup a bouncy castle outside every Sunday [Ed: La Villa have let me know that the bouncy castle is also there on Saturdays]. They also have swings and slide on a large grass area that are the playing fields of the school La Villa is set in. So if there are a bunch of kids coming a ball or frisbee will keep them entertained and tire them out so all can have a post brunch kip when you get home (well I can dream).

On the downside there are no nappy changing facilities for really little ones.

La Villa
341 River Valley Road
#01-03 Singapore 238372
Tel – 68365286
Web –
$88+++ Adults
$58+++ Teens (13-18)
$28+++ Child (3-12)

Ed: You better get there quick as they are having to close in early December as the land is going to be used for the down town line MRT.

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